You must not become another victim of domestic violence.
Ask for help so the abuses will not be perpetuated.

This message is addressed to those who have gone through traumatic experiences or experiencing family violence in their families.

Fear is a primal instinct. For most of us, we are faced with situations where it can be overcome and controlled well.
For a victim, however, fear becomes a way of life.
She sleeps with fear,
wakes up with fear,
eats with fear,
lives with fear ….

The fear that the abuser will strike again, for reasons that everyone considers irrational, but the abuser is a good opportunity to abuse it again.

Many victims do not have the courage to take this step: to break the relationship with the perpetrator to be informed about the rights they have and ask the court for a protection order to keep him away from the abuser from further abuse him.
Order of Protection is a legal measure whereby, through a court order issued emergency, the victim may seek protection against the aggressor for violent verbal, psychological, physical, sexual, economic, social and spiritual, that put literally its life in danger.

Our experience in all these years, in cases of domestic violence that have arisen as a specialized shelter, we found that paradoxically aggressors accept to beat and humiliate victims but do not accept at all be hit or suffer as victims they abuse.

Our intervention to the victims is a discrete, long and full of risks we assume in each case that intervene. The services they provide for the community and the City of Sibiu County although each year we offer specialized support and other victims across the country.

The purpose of our interventions is to support victims in their efforts to restore their hope and trust in them because they take decisions subsequently informed and not coerced or dependent aggressor.
Because an attacker never wants to separate from the victim, he wants to use it as an object against which to pour out all the anger, discontent, hatred, contempt of who’s capable of. Bullies do not ever feel empathy, compassion towards the victim or her suffering.

It’s never too late for a victim to leave her abuser to break off the relationship with him since his violent behavior responsibility lies with the perpetrator, is never the victim’s fault.

Between incurring endless humiliation, fear continues, scorn, fear that the abuser will return home and follow other aggression and a peaceful life without abuse, choose safety, peace and a life without fear. Seek help if you experience abuse in your family.

Women’s Association from Sibiu.